Matilda 2022

We often supply casts for Film & TV Studios, the latest is for the Film: Matilda
The set was at Shepperton Studios

Sandringham Palace

Had the great pleasure in supplying Her Majesty the Queen with Cornice at Sandringham Palace (Oct 2018) R.I.P

World Museum Liverpool

Oct 2021- Current Work in progress, replacing Coffered Ceilings and Freize and other mouldings to match existing.

Photos to follow on our Blog

Sections being Fitted - Video

Selection/various works

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London Property. Sculptured a brand new section

From only a Photograph supplied, we produced an enhanced new version of what once
stood up on a Ceiling as part of the moulding in a London Property.

We sculptured this block in gypum which will now allow us to cast it several times on a 3mtr section, side by side in order to manufacture a new 3m mould (10ft Section) of Cornice.

We hold the rights to the reproduction.

Cornice fitted

Cornice range.
Here we show some of our many Cornice's you need to see the quality of our Cornice range close up

Colne Townhall

Copied existing Cornice from the main reception Cornice
made at our workshop, then returned to install

Bolton Town Hall

Supply of CN120 Cornice for referbishment Project at Bolton Townhall

Columns Saddleworth Hotel

Function Room at the prestigious Saddleworth Hotel we designed it on the Art Nouveau theme.

also designed a zero fire rated wrap to clad the steel stanchions within same theme, similar theme of the Cornice CN193-69 & AR806 was born, we made a mould in line with client's wishes.

The eligant Cornice CN193-69 & AR806 also used in the Bar areas

Brookfield Masonic Hall

2018 The Fuction Room & Bar area at Brookfield Hall in Lancashire, was given a re-fit, we manufactured & installed Cornices CN192, CN193, Dado D22 and D19 we had a 2 week window in which to complete works

Designed by (lesley Allen)

Plaster Cornice for Red Hall Hotel

39 bedrooms, Red Hall Hotel in Bury.Manchester

We supplied CN181-45 in line with client's requiremnets and specifications.
This 14 day project was overseen by Bethell Construction Ltd.

A simple but effective Cornice CN181-45 used in the Bar areas

Ex-Royal Manchester Eye Hospital

We took some broken casts of the Original Cornices and rebuilt & reproduced them along with rounding off walls and ceilings to form a bye gone time look by blending curves in ceiling to wall of rooms.

We made a polyester mould of the Cornice, as we liked it so much, another which is not even yet in our Brochure yet! "oh time where does it go to"

Grade 2 listed reproduction for Backford Hall, Cheshire

Using traditional plaster & mouldings methods and materials we were responsible for reproducing the original plaster & mouldings for the Grade 2 listed building in Cheshire.

Reproducing the plaster & mouldings, we also fixed birch laths and recreated using lime putty plaster to restore the Hall in keeping with the c.1848 original look, mouldings were reproduced from photos.

Chancellors Hotel Manchester

We worked in conjunction with Manchester & Cheshire Construction Co.Ltd to add some Period mouldings to the 70 Bedrooms and Foyer areas of Chancellors Hotel, Manchester

Our work completed in 4 weeks

Bench Cast silicon Repaired Cornice

"Before & after" Work for Norwich Union Ins, we discovered dry rot, after this was replaced , we returned with newly moulded sections of cornice to re-fit the area

Click Photo,showing the finished result after making good the new sections
used in recreating the moulding, back to the original state.

Lighting effects

Showing uplighter Cornice effect which you can design for your project.

Clicks photos to see more

Removal Front Elevation of Property

Front elevation of the house was removed & rebuilt leaving the bay window Cornice missing in lounge; we took a silicon cast and reproduced the section before returning to fit

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Bay Window Cornice

Water damage to bay window area caused by lead flashing failure, the ceiling had crashed & damaged most of the bay, we took the template of the Cornice and run a section returned to fit new

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Patch Plastering Sections

before & after, Typical electrical rewire damage situation, where the cornice was butchered to the room in over 15 areas, we were called in do the repair

After making good and remodelling all the damaged areas, all the lines cut and made to match "the sharpness and roundness of the original".

Run in-situ, Bowdon

We Ran 3 x Convex/Concave sections in rooms using of one of our Cornices CN135 as all Cornice comes ridged & straight, we not only supplied & fitted Cornice for all rooms but made a (Running pattern) Horse which we made to sit onto the curved Walls built up using a blend of specialist Plasters

Elliptical Columned opening

Archway comprising of 2 x full and 2 x half columns (emphasised) with the top section made to suite, same effect can be achieved for smaller or larger wall openings by using various columns etc

After making good and remodelling all the damaged areas, all the lines cut and made to match "the sharpness and roundness of what may have been original".

Bathroom Flood Damage

before & after,Typical water damage to lounge ceiling after a bathroom flood , where the cornice was damaged to the corner of the room, this was infact paper embossed so we sculptored using only fillers to repair

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Fit-outs includes Canary Wharf, Preston Town hall, Designing and installing for the Hall of the Largest Charity giving Society in England, supplying own designed Cornice to her majesty, the Queen of England.

We are proud of our English heritage.